The Epicenter of Badness

Last March, my mom and I joined a local gym that had just opened, Epicenter Fitness. They have a branch downtown that mom used to go to until she just didn’t have the time anymore. We joined before it opened, got a great rate, and they even waived some of the activation fees because I was a teacher. Everyone was really nice and I was looking forward to it opening.

It finally opened in May with a big grand opening celebration. I signed up for a free session with a trainer and bought a training package in addition. I was excited – I was finally going to get back into shape! The trainer I was randomly assigned for the free session was Allison. We clicked right away and did well together. She did a fantastic job of listening to what I wanted, understanding what I really couldn’t do, and motivating me to do better. I trained with her all summer and throughout the fall and winter. I made great progress and really enjoyed our sessions.

Last Friday, I got a call from Allison about an hour before my regular Friday afternoon session. She apologized profusely, but had to cancel our appointment because of a last minute all staff meeting that she was required to attend. We rescheduled for Monday afternoon at the same time and hung up.

That night, I received a voice mail from her and she sounded quite upset. She said that she had been fired from Epicenter, along with much of the staff, and that Epicenter Everett had been sold. She called me because she was supposed to have a session with mom on Saturday morning, but when she was let go, she wasn’t allowed to take any of her records with her and she didn’t have mom’s phone number to let her know. No one from Epicenter ever called us about mom’s session.

A few days later, Epicenter called me to reschedule my training sessions with another trainer. As I only have about three sessions left, I figured I’d just finish them. No one has called mom about her seven remaining sessions. No one has said anything about the gym closing, our memberships, or anything. Mom did get an email offering her the Seattle membership at the same cost, but she doesn’t want it.

This isn’t the first time that Epicenter has done this. They had a Bellevue club a few years ago and sold it, leaving members with unused training sessions and dues paid through the month that they could not use. I’m afraid the same thing will happen here, so I’m trying to get my training done before they close their doors.


3 thoughts on “The Epicenter of Badness

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